WhatsApp Marketing

Today people are connected socially and it is proved with growing demand of whatsapp. It is basically messaging application that is designed for all platforms and it is one service that is best for marketing. It is one of the best platforms where very small or big business can be advertised and easily can get attraction of people.

What's the Features?

95% Delivery Ratio

Each Message Support 2000 character or image/video or Business card. You pay for those message only which is accepted by your recipients. i.e. WhatsApp credit deducted only for delivered messages.(Delivery ratio 90 to 95%).
Only to WhatsApp Numbers
No Duplicate numbers
No Out of Service Numbers

Track Messages

Recently, WhatsApp introduced a feature, Blue tick. It tells senders the status of the message sent. If recipient of the message opened and read the message, the tick turns blue. Now, you can easily see how many of your audience read your business message. It will now be easy for marketers to measure how their promotional advertising messaging campaigns performed.

Quick & Fast

Reaching out to your target audience in quick manner is now possible. We lets you broadcast messages to your target audience within minutes. Connecting to your customers had never been easier than this. Launching a new product / service? Broadcast the message via WhatsApp and get more potential buyers. We can send upto 10 Lac messages in a day.


While broadcasting message to a broadcast list, you needn't to worry about DND phone numbers. With WhatsApp, marketers can even contact those who are on that list. That means, creating a customer outreach without fearing message spam is now possible with WhatsApp .

Multiple Formats

Using text messaging, it's impossible to send picture or video but this isn't the case with WhatsApp. It enables you sending messages to the clients in the form of:
1. Text (2000 characters)
2. Images (Single Image)
3. Videos (Not more than 10 MB)
4. Business cards
5. Geo Locations
6. Audio Files

Huge DataBase List

We have huge, genuine and tested database across India:
1. City wise, State wise
2. Various Age groups
3. Gender wise
4. Pin code wise
5. Annual Income
6. Students and much more
Click to know Complete List of Database.

Database List

How We Do

Website Usability

Increase your customer base and online conversion rate with our website usability services


Improve sales copy

We can craft compelling sales copy for your website that will encourage your site visitors to convert


Home Optimization

Our Landing Page Optimization services allow us to optimize your site for better conversion rates


A/B Split Testing

We provide AB testing experiments targeting the pages that will give you the biggest uplift


Our Approach

  • First, we get to know your business and your goals, so we can determine what the best strategy will be for creating or optimizing your Conversion Rate.
  • As an Internet Marketing¬†company, our data-driven A/B tests and further UX improvements look to continuously improve your conversion rates, grow your contacts database, and drive more revenue.
  • We analyze the results from our experiments to understand whether our hypothesis was correct. If a statistical significance has been reached and our hypothesis is correct, we roll out the successful variation of your whatsapp campaign. If not, we test a new hypothesis and run the whole process again.

Our Pricing

WhatsApp Marketing Packages are based on the amount of messages to be sent. Our programs start at minimum 10 paisa/messages. Depending on the size and nature of your project a custom proposal will be developed to meet your needs. All rates are negotiable.

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